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Japan Trademark Registration

Application Response Time: 1 week

Application Process Length: 8 – 15 months

Registration Validation Period: 10 years


Introduction to the Japanese Trademark Registration System​
  1. ​In Japanese law, “trademark” refers to words, figures, symbols, three-dimensional shapes, colours, or combinations thereof that can be recognized by human perception; sounds, smells, three-dimensional trademarks, etc. are not officially allowed to be registered in Japan.

  2. The Japanese Trademark Law allows registration of “defence trademarks”, which means that trademark owners register several identical trademarks on different types of goods and services to prevent others from registering similar trademarks. Generally, in order to apply for defensive trademarks your trademark must be influential in Japan already.

  3. Japan implements a system of dissent after the disposition, and the Japanese Patent Office will review whether there is a prior trademark or other non-compliance with the trademark law. If there is no reason for refusal, it will be directly registered. The 2 months after registration is an objection period. If there is no objection or objection is not accepted by the registration office, your trademark registration is maintained; if the objection is successful, the registered trademark is revoked.

  4. If a Japanese trademark is not used for three consecutive years after registration, any third party may request that the trademark be revoked.

Why Register a Japanese Trademark?

1. Expanding overseas markets
The protection of overseas intellectual property rights is strict, and it is difficult to go overseas without registering overseas trademarks.

​2. Protect your own brand
​​If you do not register an overseas trademark, your brand will be subject to the risk of being registered or used by others.

3. Entering overseas e-commerce
​Necessary brand protection options for trading on Amazon, AliExpress, Ebay, and Wish.

​4. International Brand Presence
​A trademark shows brand strength and enhances competitiveness.


Information Required When Registering an Japanese Trademark

For A Corporation Trademark:

1. Logo/ Trademark Pattern design
2. Goods/service categories and projects
3. Copy of business license

For An Individual Trademark:

1. Logo/ Trademark Pattern design
2. Goods/service categories and projects
3. Copy of ID card

Our Advantages

Professional services​​

A team of Japanese lawyers will monitor and feedback on your trademark application process in a timely manner. They will contact the Japan Trademark Office, and closely communicate with overseas Trademark teams to establish efficient and professional cross-border communication.

High success rate

Before the application, professional search and analysis will be conducted and the registration success rate is over 80%.

Customer Service

​​We have one-on-one dedicated customer service staff, 24 hours online service, and we respond to all your queries quickly.


Relatively low cost but high quality services will strengthen your Japanese business development.


Is there 100% guarantee for the success of registration of Japanese trademark?

No, there are some unpublished trademarks in the database used in the Japanese Patent Office, which are unpredictable by the agent. Moreover, after the trademark is approved for registration, it may also face the case of being deregistered due to dissent. Similarly, trademark applications in other countries and regions of the world do not have an 100% success rate.

However, by our full investigation and modification suggestions, the possibility of being rejected due to the similarity problem can be effectively reduced, and the approval rate is greatly improved.

Does the Japanese trademark application need to provide evidence of usage?

It is possible that if the scope of goods or services covered in a particular product or service category is too broad, the Japan Patent Office will challenge the applicant’s sincerity in using the trademark and issue a notice requesting evidence of usage.

When is the application for trademark registration in Japan?

The Japanese trademark law follows the principle of applying for precedence rather than prior use. Sino-Japanese trade is becoming more frequent. When overseas trademarks are registered in Japan by others, the difficulty of transnational rights protection has made it impossible for rights holders to use their original trademarks in Japan. Therefore, “early applicants win.” Let the trademark go ahead before opening up the Japanese market.

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