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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Extended Producer Responsibility 

What the policy means for your business in 2024


What is EPR?

EPR is a recent regulation passed in the UK, gradually replacing existing packaging waste regulations.

This legislation mandates that a range of organizations, including manufacturers, bear the full cost of pollution caused by their products.

Packaging producers are required to cover all expenses associated with the recycling of the packaging they introduce to the market, including collection, processing, and recycling.



Are You a Producer? Check If You Need to Take Action


If your company is registered in the UK, you are considered a producer if you engage in one or more of the following activities:


  • Supplying packaged goods with your own brand to the UK market.

  • Placing goods in unbranded packaging when supplying products.

  • Importing goods with packaging.

  • Operating an online store.

  • Using or lending reusable packaging.

  • Providing empty packaging.


What you may need to do?

EPR<br />

If You Are a Seller


As a seller, it’s crucial to adhere to all regulations and standards governing product sales.

For Amazon sellers, strict compliance with the Safe-T and Compliance Policy for Selling Products is essential.

Understanding EPR can help regulate your sales practices and mitigate the risk of product blocking or penalties.

Back in 2023, Amazon already took on the responsibility of reporting sales for non-UK sellers.

However, starting from April 1, 2024, Amazon will handle the obligation of collecting and remitting payments, while retaining the right to levy ecological fees.




If You Are a Producer


As a producer, your classification is determined by your annual turnover and the quantity of packaging supplied or imported annually.

Whether you are a small or large producer, creating an account, collecting and storing relevant data, and reporting national/regional data are essential steps.

However, as a large producer, you are required to report data every six months.

Curious to know if you fall into the category of a large producer? Contact our team for a free assessment.




Registering for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) comes with various advantages:

Regulatory Compliance

EPR registration enables businesses to comply with environmental regulations, reducing environmental and legal risks.

Enhanced Brand Image

Registering for EPR demonstrates a commitment to sustainable development, enhancing the brand image and attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

Cost Efficiency

By managing and recycling packaging more effectively throughout the product lifecycle, businesses can reduce environmental costs over the long term, improving resource efficiency.

Market Access

Many markets and retailers increasingly prefer to collaborate with environmentally conscious suppliers, and EPR registration provides businesses with opportunities to enter these markets.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Registering for EPR helps build a more sustainable supply chain, attracting potential partners and investors.

Social Responsibility

EPR registration showcases a business’s fulfillment of social responsibility, contributing to society and the environment, thereby enhancing the company’s reputation in society.

Why Choose J&P?

Professional Expertise

J&P Accountants boasts extensive accounting experience, and our dedicated team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive EPR services, ensuring your business complies with the latest environmental regulations.


End-to-End Support

From registration to implementation and ongoing compliance management, we provide full support, helping shape an effective extended producer responsibility strategy for your business.


Risk Mitigation

Our professional team collaborates with you to manage EPR compliance, reducing potential regulatory and environmental risks, ensuring your business operates on a sustainable trajectory.

EPR<br />

EPR Registration FAQs

Answers to Common Queries in the UK

What documents are required to register a UK EPR?

1. Application form;

2. POA of Authorization

The above are provided by the J&P Group, and the customer prepares the necessary basic information about the company’s details, products and stores.

Who needs to register for the UK EPR?

You need to enforce EPR regulations if:

  • Manufacturer: If you manufacture goods in the UK that need to meet the extended producer responsibility requirements.
  • Importer: If you are importing goods in the UK that need to meet the extended Producer Responsibility requirements.
  • Seller: If you are selling goods in the UK that need to meet the extended Producer Responsibility requirements and you do not have a company in that country.
UK EPR Registration & Compliance

1. Ask for UK EPR service.

2. Submit the UK EPR registration information to the J&P Teams.

3.J&P team agent registration, issue the UK EPR registration number to the seller’shop.

4. The seller submits the UK EPR Compliance regularly.

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