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Unlock success in Australia! Explore key aspects of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), from registration to tax rates. Whether expanding or considering Down Under, our page has the insights you need.

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How GST Works


Who Needs to Register for Australian GST

Businesses with Annual Turnover over AUD 75,000: If your business has an annual turnover exceeding AUD 75,000 (or AUD 150,000 for non-profit organizations), GST registration is mandatory.

Non-resident Businesses Selling to Australian Consumers: Non-resident businesses that sell goods or services to Australian consumers are required to register for GST, regardless of their turnover.

Businesses Voluntarily Opting for Registration: Even if your turnover is below the mandatory threshold, you can choose to register for GST voluntarily. This allows you to claim input tax credits on business expenses.

Entities Selling Taxi or Ride-sharing Services: If your business involves providing taxi or ride-sharing services, GST registration is required, regardless of turnover.

Online Retailers and International Sellers: Businesses selling goods into Australia, including online retailers and international sellers, may need to register for GST if they meet the specified criteria.

Entities Providing Digital Products or Services to Australian Consumers: Businesses providing digital products or services to Australian consumers, regardless of their location, are required to register for GST.

Entities Importing Low-Value Goods into Australia: Businesses importing low-value goods into Australia for sale may need to register for GST under the Low-Value Goods (LVG) measure.

    Registration Thresholds

    Ready to elevate your business?

    If your turnover surpasses AUD 75,000 (or AUD 150,000 for non-profits), GST registration is your gateway.

    Explore the option of voluntary registration even below the threshold, granting you access to essential benefits like input tax credits.

    GST Rates

    Goods and services tax (GST) is a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia.

    Some things don’t have GST included, these are called GST-free sales.


    Our Services


    Registering For GST


    1. Consultation & Assessment: Schedule an initial consultation to tailor a GST plan for your business.
    2. Eligibility Check: Evaluate if your turnover qualifies, ensuring accurate analysis of activities.
    3. ABN Registration: Assist in obtaining or verifying your Australian Business Number (ABN).
    4. Document Prep: Receive a checklist for required documents like financial statements.
    5. Application Assistance: Guided completion of GST registration forms for accuracy and completeness.
    6. Process Monitoring: We monitor your application, maintaining communication with tax authorities.
    7. Tax Office Liaison: Representation in all communication with the Australian Taxation Office.
    8. Certificate Delivery: Receive your GST registration certificate upon successful registration.
    9. Post-Registration Support: Additional support and training on GST operations, ensuring compliance.

    Please note that non-national businesses need to go through a local fiscal representative.


    GST Filing


    1. Pre-Filing Consultation: Initiate a consultation for a personalized approach to your GST filing.
    2. Data Gathering: Compile essential financial data required for the filing process.
    3. Form Preparation: Expert assistance in filling out GST declaration forms accurately.
    4. Review & Validation: Thorough review and validation of the filed information for precision.
    5. Submission Support: Guidance through the submission process to ensure timely filing.
    6. Post-Filing Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring post-submission for any follow-up or updates.
    7. Tax Office Communication: Liaison with the Australian Taxation Office for efficient communication.
    8. Confirmation & Documentation: Receipt of confirmation and documentation post-successful filing.
    9. Compliance Check: Additional support to ensure ongoing compliance with GST regulations.


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