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We are certified chartered accountants in Manchester who offer a no-hassle approach to your Accounting & VAT compliance needs - Empower your global ambition with us

Who Do We Help?

E-commerce businesses


International Corporations

A global network enables us to serve thousands of businesses worldwide. These range from small ​and medium-sized enterprises to large international corporations, across a wide range of sectors.

Accounting & Taxation

Accounting and finance services such as ; EU &UK VAT, Self assessment, Cross border ecommerce tax compliance…

Warehouse & Storage

We provide secure storage facilities for companies that trade overseas, thanks to our state of the art warehouse distribution centres across the UK and Europe.

Global VAT Compliance

Cross border Ecommerce is a global service that we offer to help support international businesses trade overseas.

Trademark Services

Trademarks are vital for protecting your brand, services and products, and we can help you obtain one.

UK tax form with calculator lying on wooden desk as businesses consider business rates in preparation of the upcoming Autumn budge

Business Rates To Be Hot Topic In The Autumn Budget

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Why You Should Register For VAT In Germany

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Postponed Import VAT Accounting: Our Guide

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European Union flag flying outside the Bourse in Brussels, Belgium

Register For VAT In The EU

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a custom logo for j and p

Meet Our Local Team | Accounting & Bookkeeping

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. Rather than giving you advice on all things tax, ecommerce and logistics, today we want to introduce...
a man sat at home doing his online christmas shopping

Christmas Approaching Quickly For Ecommerce Sellers

It seems like the Christmas decorations in shops and ‘All I want For Christmas Is You’ are forced upon us earlier and earlier each year. Whilst this...


What Our Clients Say



Our team includes charted accountants, tax compliance advisers, lawyers, trademark and patent consultants and logistics consultants. This allows us to provide a one stop service to e-commerce businesses.


accountants in manchester

“I was recommended to contact JP by a friend of mine who is also selling on Amazon. I couldn't be happier with the service I have received. The staff have been amazing! They are always so willing to help and really go the extra mile. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs European VAT services!"


April 19th 2018

accountants in manchester

Very professional service provider!

"1. Good communication sense 2. Strict tax guidance 3. Convenient and relieved stress for tax affairs pressure. Thank you for all of these! "


June 27th 2018

accountants in manchester

“We are glad that we choose J&P Accountants. Thank you so much for your help towards UK VAT. Would definitely love to recommend to friends. BTW: Candy, the staff from J&P Accountants provide us a great service. Thank you so much for your help."


July 13th 2018

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