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IOSS Registration & Filing

 All you need to know about the import one-stop shop (IOSS)

Simplified VAT Compliance
Smoother Cross-Border Sales
Expanded Customer Base

What is IOSS?

 The Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) is a system that enables businesses to register in one European Union (EU) Member State to handle the declaration and payment of import VAT for certain types of goods.

When using the IOSS, Customs doesn’t collect import VAT upon arrival of goods.

Instead, businesses report and remit the import VAT through a monthly IOSS return.

This simplifies the process and offers greater convenience for businesses involved in cross-border trade within the EU.

J&P Accountants is your trusted partner, offering a comprehensive IOSS solution.

Why Register for IOSS

Simplified VAT Compliance

  • Easier management of European Union (EU) VAT obligations.
  • Avoid complex cross-border tax procedures.

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Transparent, all-inclusive pricing for shoppers.
  • No unexpected VAT charges upon delivery.

Global Market Expansion

  • Attract more EU customers.
  • Competitive edge in the international market.

Advantages of IOSS Registration

Reduced Administrative Burden

    • Streamline tax reporting and paperwork.
    • Focus resources on core business activities.

Legal Compliance

    • Mitigate risks of tax-related penalties.
    • Operate within EU VAT regulations.

Competitive Edge

    • Differentiate from competitors.
    • Attract customers looking for hassle-free shopping.


Unlock Success with the IOSS Process!

Experience the IOSS Process

Your Gateway to Smooth,

Borderless VAT Compliance and

International Success!

IOSS Registration

We assist you in completing the IOSS registration process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

Identification of IOSS Goods

We help you determine which goods qualify for IOSS, ensuring the correct application of VAT.

Purchase of Goods

You can continue purchasing overseas goods, but you will need to pay the applicable VAT.

Tax Reporting and Payment

We guide you in preparing IOSS tax reports and assist in making the necessary VAT payments.

Document Submission

We help you submit the required documents, ensuring complete tax compliance.

Why Choose J&P?


Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of IOSS, with a thorough understanding of every step from registration to tax reporting. We break down the complexities of IOSS, providing clear-cut solutions.


Personalized Consultation

Every business has unique needs. We work closely with you to tailor an IOSS solution that suits your specific requirements, ensuring the greatest possible relief from your tax burdens.


Simplified Tax Reporting

We detail how to streamline the tax reporting process using IOSS, reducing the burden of paperwork and allowing you to channel more energy into your core business.

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