Regularly checking the validity of the EORI number is crucial for sellers. 

When engaging in cross-border trade, the EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) is a vital identifier. It is necessary for all businesses trading with the EU. 

Ensuring the validity of the EORI number guarantees smooth cross-border trade, avoiding unnecessary delays, fines, and business interruptions. 

What is an EORI number? 

The EORI number is a registration and identification number for economic operators within and outside the EU.

It identifies individuals and businesses involved in the movement of goods within and outside the EU.

The EORI number is essential for trading within the entire EU internal market and international trade. 

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How to identify an EORI number? 

The EORI number typically consists of a country code and digits.

For example, a UK EORI number may look like GB123456789000.

It appears on all documents related to EU customs and other relevant agencies, such as import and export declarations, customs declarations, etc. 

How to obtain an EORI number? 

In each EU member state, there is an authority responsible for allocating EORI numbers.

Sellers need to apply for an EORI number from the competent authority in their country.

The application process is usually relatively simple and can be completed online. In the UK, it can be done through the UK government website. 


Why maintain a valid EORI number? 

Smooth cross-border trade: Having a valid EORI number is a prerequisite for cross-border trade. If the EORI number is invalid, it may lead to goods being detained or issues during customs clearance, affecting delivery and customer satisfaction. 

Avoid unnecessary delays and fines: Customs procedures require a valid EORI number. If the number is invalid, it may result in goods being held at the border or returned, causing delivery delays and additional fines. 

Compliance requirements: Many countries’ laws require businesses to maintain a valid EORI number. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in fines and other legal consequences. 

Avoid business interruptions: The invalidation of the EORI number may lead to the inability to conduct business as usual. Regularly checking the validity of the EORI number ensures business continuity, avoiding unnecessary interruptions and losses. 

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