Incorporating a company in the UK can be an exciting new beginning or a complex challenge.

Through our articles, we will share industry insights and practical advice to ensure you take a solid step forward in this process. 

 Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership, or a limited company, our assistance is applicable to your company establishment in the UK. 

Types of Registered Companies

  • Private Limited Company: These can be formed by a single individual who can be the sole shareholder and director, or by multiple shareholders and directors.
  • Guarantee Limited Company: This structure is typically used for non-profit organizations such as clubs, charities, and social enterprises. These companies have guarantors instead of shareholders, with a guaranteed minimum amount (usually £1).

  • Limited Liability Partnership: This structure is commonly adopted by professional organizations like accountants, engineers, and lawyers. A Limited Liability Partnership requires at least two partners.

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    Business Setup

    Company Registration 

    When starting a new business, you have several options, with the most common being a sole trader or a limited company.

    If you choose to operate as a limited company, you need to register with the Companies House. 

    A limited company protects your personal assets from the impact of debts incurred during business operations.

    There are numerous advantages to conducting business through a limited company, with debt protection being a primary benefit. 

    Required Documentation 


    Typically, for registering a limited company, you need to prepare the following documents in advance to save time: 

     – Registered address 

    – Notify Companies House of your new company’s business activities and determine the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code. 

    – Company representative information 

    – Shareholder details 

    – Persons with Significant Control (PSC) information 

    For a detailed checklist, you can consult our team, and we will do our utmost to support your business dreams. 

    Business Setup

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