In today’s digital age, e-commerce is constantly growing, and your business may be one of them.

However, as an e-commerce operator in Belgium, you may face a significant challenge – Value Added Tax (VAT).

Belgium’s VAT regulations are complex and ever-changing, involving multiple tax rates, different tax obligations, and regulations that can be quite confusing.


If your company is not based in Belgium but wishes to expand its operations there, you may need to register for VAT.

Consider the following specific situations:

  • You are using Belgian warehouses (including platforms like Amazon).
  • You are importing products into Belgium.
  • You are a company established outside the European Union and want to carry out taxable transactions within Belgium.

If you are unsure whether you need to register for VAT, you can contact our professional team for assistance.


When to Register

You may need to register for VAT when your e-commerce company remotely sells products or services to Belgian customers.

Typically, registering for a VAT number should be done before you make your first transaction to avoid future complications.

If your company’s annual net sales exceed €10,000, you are required to apply the VAT rate to your sales.

Currently, the standard VAT rate is 21%, with some services or goods being exempt.

How to Register

If your company is established within the European Union, you can apply for VAT on your own or seek assistance from a tax agent.

If your company is outside the EU, you must register for VAT through a tax representative.

Usually, you need to provide evidence of your business activities in Belgium to the local tax authorities to obtain a VAT number.

Additionally, you’ll need to submit standard documents; please consult our team for specific requirements.


VAT Obligations

Once you have BE VAT, you must regularly submit declaration forms and other materials to ensure tax compliance.

The submission frequency depends on the estimated annual turnover of your business and can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

You also need to submit an EC Sales List Return for all B2B transactions and an annual listing of your customers for B2B transactions with Belgian companies.

Given the diverse needs of different types of clients, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional team before registering for VAT.

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