If you need to call HMRC for tax-related matters, have you ever considered that one day this phone call might cost you hundreds of pounds?

Recently, we’ve found some users complaining that “free service hotlines” unexpectedly swallowed up hundreds of pounds of their phone bills.

To prevent more users from falling into these strange traps, our accounting team has summarized the following points.

Contact HMRC

We understand that taxpayers often search online anxiously to find HMRC’s contact number.

This is especially true for most users who have received important notifications or need to update their information and want to contact the tax authority more quickly.

Usually, when you receive a letter from HMRC, the official contact number is provided.

This is the safest and most effective way to get in touch, although there may be some waiting time to connect even though it is free.

If you’re searching online for the phone number, make sure you’re on HMRC’s official website.

Otherwise, you might click on some ads and end up dialing the wrong number, costing you more money.


Call Connection Services

For users who end up spending a lot to contact HMRC, it’s possible that they unintentionally used call connection services.

These services typically act as intermediaries to connect you to HMRC, with the only difference being that they charge a fee.

Call connection operators charge users high rates per minute, plus access fees, and it’s easy for users to fall into this trap if they don’t know the correct contact number.

Identify HMRC’s Official Numbers

  • Numbers displayed on the HMRC official website usually start with 01, 02, 03, or 0800.
  • Transfer services (often paid numbers) are known to start with 09, 087, or 084.
  • Avoid Direct Online Searches
  • Instead of directly searching online, go to the correct official website, navigate to “Contact Us,” find the relevant department for your issue, and look for the appropriate contact information.