Starting this month, thousands of eligible households will receive additional council tax subsidies.

Once you meet the government’s eligibility criteria, you may be entitled to this payment.

The government will make payments over the next few weeks, and customers will receive revised council tax bills.

Council Tax Discount Details

Assistance is more likely for low-income groups, although eligibility checks are automated and do not require application.

Once you’re categorized as an eligible household by the government, you’ll receive the government’s payment.

If you reside in Plymouth and meet the criteria, you can receive a £25 council tax discount.

However, this grant is not available for those receiving Universal Credit, families with school-age children, or those receiving disability benefits.


Council Tax Support

If you don’t reside in Plymouth, you can look up your local council’s family support program.

Alternatively, you can seek assistance through the local Council Tax Support (CTS) program.

CTS is a plan to help income-challenged groups get reductions on council tax payments.

Families receiving CTS can obtain council tax reductions ranging from 20% to 100%.

When you have special circumstances preventing you from paying council tax as needed, it’s advisable to approach the council promptly.

Lately News

Council tax bands may change due to regions or various factors.

When you notice any changes, you can gather evidence and raise queries with the authorities.

Last year, nearly 50,000 households raised inquiries and sought reevaluation for their residences.

The good news is that 31% of users successfully obtained a lower Tax Band and reduced their council tax payments.

However, 60 users unfortunately saw an increase in council tax payments through negotiation, so it’s not recommended for all users to attempt inquiries.