What is the key to the success of SMEs?

Does your business have a detailed budget to support sustainable development?

How to streamline the team to maximize corporate profits?

If you have thought about the same problem, I believe this article will help you solve some troubles.

SME Budget


If your company has between 1-50 employees, I believe that every employee is a “family member” carefully selected by you.

Although SMEs may seek partners during the development period to share operating pressures and spending budgets.

You should probably be thinking, which businesses need to be streamlined within a fixed budget? Which businesses are considered the core of the business?

Once you’ve determined the direction of your budget, you can plan the future direction of your business effortlessly.


How to save operating costs for SMEs

Perhaps you are running an SME and realize that preparing financial statements on time can be time-consuming and complex.

Especially when the financial power is in your own hands, it can become confusing and even scrutinized by the tax bureau if you are not careful.

If you don’t have enough budget to build an accounting team, then you can outsource the finance department to an efficient accounting team.

On the one hand, handing over some complex and highly specialized roles can save you a lot of time and budget.

On the other hand, a professional accounting team will not only accurately record your financial situation, but will also simplify your communication with the tax bureau so you can focus on your business.

Select a high-quality accounting team


First of all, the professional accounting team will sort out the financial situation of the company and provide you with efficient solutions, which is beneficial to the sustainable development of the company.

Secondly, our certified public accountants will adjust the plan in a timely manner and focus on the specific needs of the business through regular communication with you.

If you are an online store operator and want to trade internationally through the web. J&P Accountants, as the provider of Amazon’s VAT business, can meet your VAT registration and declaration in different countries.

If your business is also distributed in other countries, our multilingual accounting team can help you to connect easily.


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