In a previous article we mentioned that the government will give households a £400 discount on their energy bills in winter.

As the date draws near, the government has recently announced details on the energy grant.

The grant covers almost all households in the UK and will receive help regardless of income.

When to Get the Energy Grant

The government will start distributing the energy grant from October, with £400 being paid in six instalments:

  • Get £66 a month off in October and November
  • From December to March of the following year, get a monthly discount of 67 pounds
energy grant

How to Get the Energy Grant

The distribution of energy subsidies is managed by energy suppliers:

  • If you own a home electricity meter and pay your energy bill with a standard credit card, payment point card, or direct debit, the corresponding bill will be automatically debited.
  • If you are a traditional prepaid meter customer, you will receive a discount coupon on your energy bill during the first week of each month.

You can receive this discount coupon by text message, email or letter.

Usually this needs to be exchanged at a top-up point (local PayPoint or post office).

  • If you are a Smart Prepaid Meter customer, you will see the discount applied directly to your Smart Prepaid Meter in the first week of each month.

What Information is Required?

You do not need to provide any personally identifiable information, especially bank accounts.

When you receive a request from any institution for your identity and bank account information.

Please be extra vigilant and verify the request with the official institution as soon as possible.

Often, scammers will imitate the address and characteristics of an official agency to ask for your information and get verified.

Therefore, do not give account details to anyone at any time to prevent scams.

energy grant

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