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Trusted by thousands of businesses, we specialise in Cross-border VAT Solutions, UK Business Support and Taxation & Accounting Services, and provide other services including global IP & Trademarks and Cross-Border Supply Chain solutions. This allows to offer a one-stop service to ecommerce businesses.


Supporter of Amazon & eBay Sellers

Listed by Amazon & eBay, the 2 top online marketplaces as trusted Tax Advisors.

Member Of The ACCA & FCCA

Member & Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA)

Award Nominations

Nominated for ecommerce agent of the year in 2019, in recognition of the efficient and diligent services we provide to ecommerce sellers.

From Humble Beginnings

Having started with a small office in the heart of Manchester in 2007, we have expanded rapidly over the last two decades to build a network that spans over 3 continents. We now have offices in Spain, Italy, France and Austria, as well as partnerships and warehouses across the globe.

As well as the offices in Europe, J&P have established offices and partnerships in India and the Middle-East. It is this global network which allows us to help our clients expand their businesses all over the world.

Julia Shaw

Julia Shaw

Founder & CEO

As a Fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Julia has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, taxation, and business administration.  Julia is the strategic leader, who has built the company’s business development, management, and marketing system with her passion and profession. Social responsibility is also Julia’s mission. As a member of various community organizations, she proactively contributes both financially and with her professional capability to benefit the local society as a whole.

Obtained 10,000+ PPE

Obtained 10,000+ PPE


Through our resources, we at J&P were able to distribute the vital units of PPE to those who needed it most in hospitals and members of our local communities.

RHS Garden

RHS Garden


Last year alone, we donated £20k to aid in the creation of the RHS Garden Bridgewater in Salford, bringing world-class horticulture to almost 10 million people in the region.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We at J&P take great pride in our efforts to have a strong positive impact on our community. Throughout our history, we have always felt compelled to promote and support various causes that affect society as a whole.

Our Articles & Guides

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Italy has always presented a strange proposition for ecommerce sellers. On the one hand, it is no secret that the country lags behind some of the bigger ecommerce markets in Europe such as the UK and France. However, it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets...

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The Ebay Seller Update Autumn 2021 was released last week. For the most part, sellers are likely to welcome the changes. The most noteworthy changes have come in the form of multi-user account updates, improvements to Ebay coded coupons and Ebay shops. The update also...

UK Food Industry Takes £2 Billion Hit From Brexit

The UK food and drink industry is about £2 billion worse off than it was before Brexit, new figures have shown. The reports come from the Food & Drink Federation, who have analysed the trade of food and drink between the UK and EU in the first 6 months of 2021....

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​A global network enables us to serve thousands of businesses worldwide. These range from small ​and medium-sized enterprises to large international corporations, across a wide range of sectors.