As mentioned in our earlier articles, the old import and export customs processing system (CHIEF) is gradually being replaced by a new customs declaration platform.

If your business needs to import goods from countries other than the UK, it must be declared at customs.

You may need to be aware that applying for a simplified filing will save time in some cases.

How to use the Simplified Declaration for imports, who can be authorised and how to apply? This article will help you understand the filing details.

Who can apply

Application for simplified declaration of imported goods requires authorisation, under which circumstances it can be obtained:

  • Businesses established in the UK
  • Have a good reporting record (VAT declarations and customs deferment account payments)
  • No serious criminal record in your business activities
  • Keep records for 4 years after filing
  • Provide and maintain written procedures

Check the goods declaration

When you apply for Simplified Declaration, first check whether goods brought into the UK need to be declared.

If it complies with the declaration, then you need to check whether the goods are classified as a simplified declaration list.

Simplified declaration material

In addition to the simplified declaration form mentioned above, it is also required to submit:

  • Supplementary declaration
  • final supplementary declaration

You may wish to engage a third party to assist you with these operations, and you will need to authorise a representative such as a freight forwarder to submit on your behalf.

How to apply

If your shipment is from Northern Ireland or Ireland, it needs to be submitted before 11:59 p.m. the next day after the arrival of the shipment.

If your goods come from countries other than the above regions, you need to submit them before the goods depart.

  • Fill out the official form
  • Written procedures
  • List of customs procedure codes and commodity codes
  • Client list

What to do if the information changes after application?

Any changes should be made by contacting HMRC as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that failure to provide complete information may result in a delay or rejection of your application.

In order not to affect your application progress, you need to prepare sufficient materials and cooperate with HMRC to investigate.