VAT registration has become very complicated due to the different tax laws in different countries around the world. VAT registration is a necessary requirement for global trading companies.

Not only that, but VAT registration and compliance can be made more difficult by the language and policies of different countries.

Our tax experts across the UK and Europe have been helping SMEs with their difficult problems.

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This article will cover when your business wants to sell between Northern Ireland and Europe. What do you need to know and how can we help you?

VAT Registration


Tax laws vary from country to country in the European region and involve different languages and rules.

When your business expands to other countries, the first thing to do is to understand the country’s tax policies and VAT thresholds.

If your business plans to sell goods between Northern Ireland and the EU, a VAT number starting with XI is required to start trading under the Northern Ireland Agreement.

This is only the first step in expanding your business, as you must comply with each country’s tax laws to avoid penalties.

This may include VAT registration, regular VAT filings and statistical filings.


Starting a Northern Ireland business:

  • Your product is sold in Northern Ireland
  • You have received goods in Northern Ireland from an EU company (registered EU VAT) for business purposes
  • You sell or ship from Northern Ireland to an EU country

Which Activities May Trigger VAT:

  • When you import goods into the EU and make subsequent sales
  • When you store the item in the warehouse for subsequent sale
  • Selling goods (including digital services) over the Internet
  • Selling online to the EU through Amazon also requires additional attention to registration requirements

VAT simplification

If you plan to trade with the EU, it is usually necessary to check whether you are identified as trading under the Northern Ireland Agreement.

Once you are identified by HMRC, you will be able to use VAT simplifications to transact with the EU.

Not only that, but your suppliers can also charge zero rates for items they ship to you from the EU.

Penalties for Unregistered VAT

You may face fines if you fail to register for VAT in time and start a sale.

International VAT is your first and crucial step in expanding your global business, and it must be mandatory.

The longer you remain unregistered for VAT, the higher the fines you may face.

That’s why our tax experts can help you stay compliant and save time and effort through critical links.



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