For the self-employed, this coming winter may put more pressure on you to manage your cash flow.

From energy bills alone, this will make more businesses pay high bills to support their operations.

At this critical time, efficient cash flow management can help you reduce operational stress. You might look back on tax details and budgets that you overlooked earlier.

Tax Budget for Your Cash Flow

If you’re filing your own tax return, it’s important to keep in mind the timing of the tax and the estimated tax amount.

Starting your tax return early can give you an estimate of the tax you will pay to HMRC.

You only need to deposit a small amount over budget in your account to squeeze more cash available for your business.

If you hire an accounting team, this decision will save you even more time and experience.

Even for very little money, your accounts can be handled perfectly and it is the fastest way to reduce cash flow.

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Pension Relief


Customers who usually pay higher taxes will receive a pension tax relief refund.

Check to see if you have claimed the superannuation tax relief and you may receive a large refund.

This refund can increase your cash flow and relieve some financial stress.

Marriage Allowance


If you are married, you or one of your significant other earns less than £12,570 a year.

Marriage Allowance transfers your personal allowance of £1,260 to your husband, wife or civil partner.

In most cases, your tax can be reduced by up to £252 during the tax year (6 April to 5 April).

For specific application details, please read our previous articles.

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Check Energy Accounts for Your Cash Flow

Your business may be overpaying for gas and electricity.

The first step is to update the estimates. Most businesses prefer a higher estimate but may actually have a surplus in the account.

The second step is to monitor the value. Due to skyrocketing energy prices, the unit price offered by some energy suppliers may no longer be the best for you.

If you find a cheaper supplier by numerical value, timely replacement can also reduce long-term costs.

Maybe your business has never worried about energy bills before, but be vigilant this winter.

Review Your Account for Cash Flow

Taking stock of your business expenses can be tedious work, but it can help you get a clear picture of what you’re actually spending.

Check your phone bills, internet bills, these soft consumption may provide you with a variety of options, and operators that are often cheaper in special times can help you increase your cash flow.

Check for software renewals. Maybe the free trial version you used to renew inadvertently, and the bank card you originally bound was always charged a fee. Timely cancellation of subscriptions and unbundling of payment methods can save you an unnecessary bill in an instant.

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Sort out Cash Flow


A professional accounting team can not only help you efficiently record every income and expenditure, but also reduce the probability of tax penalties.

These services can completely free up your time and financial freedom for very little money. Follow our WeChat official account to unlock more information.