In this article, we’ll give you a list of notable events in September, with some key points that will help your business or family quickly understand the changes that are coming.

Uniform Fee Law

A range of costs, including school uniforms, are also gradually rising due to inflation.

According to one study, about 25% of parents expect to spend more on their children’s school uniforms.

Some parents say they will reuse old school supplies instead of repurchasing them.

Earlier, a charity also mentioned the skyrocketing demand for free school uniforms.

A law protecting parents in England from unnecessary school uniform costs will come into force in September in response to keeping more families from being burdened.


New Prime Minister

On September 5, Conservative MPs will unveil the new prime minister elected by multiple votes.

Currently, both the former prime minister and the foreign secretary are fighting to lead the Conservative Party and become Britain’s new prime minister.

Although there have been many previous debates, the two men have led different fiscal measures. They will all be thrown into government intervention as soon as they take office.

Under the rules, an early announcement of a new prime minister is possible if a contender decides to drop out of the race before the Sept. 2 voting deadline.

New Interest Rate Decision

Previously, the Bank of England raised interest rates to 1.75%, and rates so far have only been based on forecast models.

This does not rule out the possibility of a later rise at all.

The next interest rate will be set on September 15, which will also mean more interest for people who take out mortgages.

Rising interest rates, on the other hand, could make it harder for some people to get approved for loans, which could ripple through to people already in a living bill crisis.

The good news, though, is that rising bank interest rates are once again hitting savers with savings, and banks may raise rates to entice people to save more.


Living Allowance

Despite the rising cost of living, some living allowances will be paid in September. This may provide some relief to some struggling families.

The government issued the first tranche of living allowances of £326 for low-income families in July, and it is expected that the remaining second tranche of living allowances of £324 will be released soon.

In addition, after September 20 this year, people receiving disability benefits will receive a living allowance of 150 pounds.

For now, it will be difficult to identify new policies to help households reduce the pressure on energy bills until a new prime minister takes office.

What's Next

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