Nowadays, more and more businesses and customers are enjoying the convenience brought by online transactions.

The amount of time people spend on eBay has also increased in recent years.

In fact, more scams will become more active with the gradually emerging platforms.

Whether you shop or sell on eBay, you should be aware of the potential risks and how to avoid them.

What are the Potential Risks of eBay Transactions

For buyers:

When you shop on eBay, please pay extra attention to the authenticity of the item and whether the item matches the description.

Although the vast majority of sellers are genuine and credible, scammers will always seek benefits through various means.

  • Be sure to check reviews before confirming your order, it’s a strong signal when you see a lot of bad reviews.
  • Look carefully at the pictures in the product description, you should pay attention when the pictures appear blurry or lack details.
  • When you’re already on the market, ask eBay for help. Upload all the evidence, the platform will pass the review and pay the refund.
  • Use an eBay approved method to trade. Always use eBay-approved payment methods for transactions, and do not transfer money or pay in cash through other third-party programs or links. If the seller insists on using an unapproved method, just RUN!

For sellers:

While most shoppers look for better value through eBay, there are still some who are keen to blackmail.

Understanding potential risks can help you take sensible precautions in your business.

  • Check buyer reviews. Be wary at this point if buyers have strange historical comments.
  • Describe as much detail as possible. Providing details ahead of time can avoid blackmail buyers.
  • Track item shipping. Be sure to use a trackable courier item that can track the status of the item despite being more expensive. Doing this prevents buyers from claiming that they didn’t receive the item, when in fact it is a lie.
  • Do not modify any status or content until you have received the payment and ensured that the money has been deposited into the account.
online shopping
online shopping

How to Trade Securely on eBay

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is essential to understand the risks of online transactions.

First, stay awake. Before any transaction, please check the identity of the other party carefully. It may take some time, but being careful never delays your choice.

Second, keep calm. If you have been deceived accidentally, organize the evidence and report it to the eBay platform, and provide any transaction details as much as possible to help you recover the payment.

Finally, online merchants are also subject to tax regulation. When you sell on eBay, be sure to record every transaction and save it for future reference. For any financial questions, please contact our professional accounting team.