MPs are warning that we could see more delays at UK ports later in the year if the government does not act quickly. This is in light of the increased border checks that will be coming into force from the 1st of July. Despite the government having offered a lot of Brexit advice so far, we are still witnessing many delays at ports. Obviously, the stricter rules surrounding agricultural products coming into force from July will not help the situation.

Brexit Continues To Cause Disruption

If you are an ecommerce seller, you are probably more surprised that certain circles have tried to claim that congestions at ports have lessened at any point since Brexit than the fact that the congestion is likely to increase. We have received countless complaints from our ecommerce clients that supply chain issues are still affecting their operations, despite the fact that it has been over a year since Brexit.

Of course, the pandemic has to take some of the blame for these delays, but the fact still remains that Brexit has had a massively negative affect on the importing and exporting of goods between the UK and EU. Ecommerce sellers and importers alike are clamoring for more support from the UK government, a sentiment that is echoed by Logistics UK.

Extra Border Controls From July

Undoubtedly, the news of further checks will be met by groans from many. From 1 July extra checks on agricultural and food imports from the EU will take place at ports around the UK, but with products varying from cut flowers to ready-made lasagne, firms need to know which ports will be authorised to process which products, what the operating hours will be and how they fit with ferry schedules, Logistics UK has said.

The long term issue with this is the amount of businesses that are simply ceasing to trade with the EU. The burden of admin and red tape has meant that trade between the UK and EU continues to drop. Whilst the task of trading with the EU does seem more daunting than ever before, it is still possible. Especially when you employ the services of experts; which is where we at J&P come in.

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