As those of you who are interested in ecommerce will know, the demand for overseas products has never been higher. In light of this, Ebay have launched a new sales model for Chinese sellers called the ‘Star Plan’. The hope is that this new function will make it easier to promote and sell products abroad. As China is one of the most competitive cross-border ecommerce markets in the world, those who incorporate the Star Plan could find that it’s the advantage they need to empower their global ambition. Here’s everything you need to know about Ebay’s new star plan for China-based sellers.

What Is Ebay’s New Star Plan Designed For?

As previously mentioned, the main aim of the Ebay’s new Star Plan is to increase cross-border sales for Chinese sellers. To do this, Ebay are hoping sellers will make the most of the plan’s pre-sale feature. This means that sellers can advertise their products up to 30 days before launching them.

Ebay will then expose buyers from across the world to these products, which will hopefully increase exposure, demand and brand awareness. In order to ensure that sellers achieve their desired outcome of more exposure and sales, Ebay are giving those who enrol in the Star Plan access to six main support features to help them grow their brand and customer base.

What Are The Features Of Ebay’s New Star Plan?

Six main support features make up the Star Plan. These include off-site promotion, support from the account management team, promoted listings advanced, branded product catalogue, accurate delivery of coupons and official store brand identity. Let’s take a closer look at each in turn.

Off-Site Promotion

The main aim of the program is to grant more exposure to the products of participating sellers. This is why Ebay are offering these sellers the opportunity to make the most of off-site data analysis and traffic monitoring tools. This data, couple with conversion data analysis, will give participating sellers the opportunity to rethink and plan their selling strategies.

Exclusive Account Manager Team Support

To many sellers, the data that will be available from the off-site promotion may seem daunting. That is why Ebay will also give participating sellers exclusive access to the account manager support team who will help them interpret the data, so sellers can then launch their new products more efficiently.

Brand Identity

Remember in the introduction we said that those who incorporate Ebay’s new Star Plan could gain an advantage on competitors? One of the main ways that the plan makes this possible is by giving participating sellers an official store brand identity. This means that these sellers will benefit from Ebay indicating that they are an ‘official flagship store’ or an ‘official authorized store’. This will increase the credibility of these sellers and their products.

Branded Product Catalogue

In addition to the brand identity, Ebay will also add the products of those brands into an exclusive catalogue, as well as the Ebay standard product library. Once again, this will increase the exposure and credibility of these items and sellers.

Access To Promoted Listings Advanced

We won’t go into too much detail here about promoting listings as we covered it in our article on the most recent Ebay Seller Update, but essentially the new advanced version of promoted listings means that you will be charged every time someone clicks on your ad, rather than when they buy a product. Whilst this may seem counter-intuitive, the function allows sellers to bid on keywords and thus be shown across the globe for specific keywords, meaning the possibility for increased exposure is huge.

Accurate Delivery Of Coupons

Once again, this feature is another way to access data provided by Ebay which will help sellers deliver their coupons at the most opportune moment. As with the other data, sellers enrolled on the Star Plan will be able to use the support of the account management team to formulate different strategies depending on the data.

We Have A Great Deal Of Experience When It Comes To Supporting Ebay Sellers…

These changes are really indicative of the amount of work Ebay are doing to offer sellers a better selling experience. If you use all the above features to their full potential, you will almost certainly see a considerable increase in sales and profits.

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