Dealing with returns is a huge challenge for all ecommerce sellers; naturally, this includes Amazon sellers. Ensuring customers are satisfied with your service whilst also making sure that returned items don’t go to waste is not only very difficult, but it is also vital to ensure that you maintain your profit margins and reputation. This is also true of managing an overstocked inventory. Bearing this in mind, Amazon sellers will be happy to know that Amazon are rolling out two new programmes that help the returns process and the issue of overstocked inventories. The first of these two programmes is called FBA Grade & Resell and the other has been named FBA Liquidation. Today we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about these two new services.

What Are The Two Amazon Programmes For?

As stated earlier, the two programmes are going to aid sellers with returns and overstocked inventory. Here’s how…

FBA Grade & Resell

Essentially, this programme will greatly reduce the amount of work for sellers when it comes to dealing with returns. Rather than having the buyer return the product directly to the seller, the seller can opt to have it sent to Amazon. Once Amazon have received the product, they will sell it as an used item and give it a new ‘condition’, such as Used – Like New, Used- Very Good etc. Sellers can set their own prices, just as with they would with any of their items.

FBA Liquidations

FBA Liquidations is more concerned with overstocked inventories. This service offers sellers the chance to take advantage of Amazon’s wholesale liquidation partners and technology. By choosing this option, sellers can recoup losses on overstocked inventories. Both this option and the FBA Grade & Resell will be in addition to Amazon’s FBA Donation programme, which sees the ecommerce giant donate unwanted items from sellers to charities across the world.

Where Are FBA Grade & Sell And FBA Liquidations Available?

At the moment, the Amazon FBA Grade & Sell is available in the UK, but it will be available in the US by the end of 2021 and the in Germany, France and Italy in early 2022.

It is almost the opposite for the FBA Liquidation scheme, which is available to sellers across Europe in places such as France, Germany Italy and Spain, but is not yet available in the UK. It is already available in the US.

The aforementioned Amazon FBA Donation service is already available across Europe and in the UK and US. It is thought that this programme, which launched in 2019, has already given a new lease of life to over 67 million products.

These Amazon Programmes Are A Win-Win-Win

Of course, these programmes will benefit sellers as managing returns and inventories will be easier and will also benefit buyers as they will be able to return products easily. There is another winner though, and that is the environment. These new initiatives are another example of Amazon’s commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

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