At the beginning of this year, the UK introduced legislation that made it mandatory for certain products that are to be sold on the UK market to have UKCA marking. This applies to almost all products that would previously have used CE marking. Whilst the UKCA mark was introduced at the beginning of this year, the UK government will not make it mandatory until January 1st 2020 in order to give sellers and manufacturers time to prepare. Read on to find out if you need to use the UKCA marking on your products and, if so, how to use it.

What Does The UKCA Marking Mean?

UKCA stands for UK Conformity Assessed. The marking is proof that the goods in questions are up to the safety and ecological standard set by the UK.

Essentially the marking is just a replacement for the European CE mark following Brexit. Following Brexit, the EU can no longer approve the quality of goods for sale in the UK and vice versa. That is why most products that previously needed the CE marking will now need to use the UKCA mark.

So When Do You Need To Use The Marking?

As stated, almost all the products that need the CE marking will now need the UKCA marking if you wish to sell them in the UK. This means that if you sell products in the UK that already have the CE marking it is heavily advised that you seek advice to see if the products now needs UKCA marking. This also applies to products that use the ‘reverse epsilon’ marking.

The UKCA marking will only be valid in the UK, just as the CE marking will only be valid in the EU. Thus, if you wish to sell a product in both the UK and the EU it will have to have both markings – UKCA when sold in the UK and CE when sold in Europe.

If you wish to sell products in Northern Ireland these products will have to display both markings due to Northern Ireland’s dual status following Brexit.

How To Use UKCA Marking

To acquire the marking you will have to use an approved body who can grant your product UKCA marking. If you already have a provider for your CE services it is worth checking if they can offer UKCA services too.

As there are few approved bodies, it is likely that applications can take a long time to be approved. This is why it is vital to secure UKCA certification as soon as possible. The price of the service is also hard to work out, since this can depend on many factors such as the number of products you have and the regulations surrounding them. You find more information on this topic here.

Once you have acquired the marking, you will have to display it just like you did with CE marking – either on the product or the packaging. In rare cases, it can be placed on the manuals or supporting documents or the manual of the product. The marking must always be visible, at least 5mm in height and permanently attached to the product.

Conclusion – Get Your Marking As Soon As Possible

As stated earlier, due to the heavy demand it can take a long time for you to obtain the UKCA marking for a product, and you must have it by the beginning of next year. This means you should apply for to an approved body as soon as possible. Since the marking doesn’t expire, there is no harm in doing it sooner rather than later.  

Hopefully this information has been helpful to you. Should you need more help, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that our long history of working with ecommerce sellers means we can offer you expert advice.

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