In the last week, major delivery firms FedEx and DHL have shown themselves to be prime examples of how global logistics is constantly evolving. The two carriers have just launched brand new shipment tracking solutions, combining artificial intelligence and real-world data to deliver a digitalised, seamless experience for their customers.

How are these online solutions changing the face of logistics – and how can businesses who use FedEx and DHL benefit from the digitalisation of shipment tracking?


FedEx Surround – A real-time solution, powered by Microsoft’s cloud technology

fedex surround

Source: FedEx

Multinational delivery company FedEx has announced that they have partnered with technology giant Microsoft to bring their digital platform ‘FedEx Surround’ to life. This is an intelligent tracking service which will combine FedEx’s logistics network and Microsoft’s cloud service to provide businesses with real-time data and improved shipment visibility.

With ‘FedEx Surround’, users can easily track the status and location of their packages and can review current weather conditions. They can also stay informed of any potential issues that may occur during the delivery process, such as mechanical faults and incorrect delivery addresses.

How is FedEx Surround innovating logistics?

By collaborating the latest technology, FedEx and Microsoft have produced a powerful tool which has capabilities beyond solutions provided by other logistics firms. FedEx Surround also uses machine learning and analyses the data of past shipments in order to constantly improve the system’s shipping practices.

How will FedEx Surround benefit its customers?

Customers who use FedEx’s services to deliver packages will be able to enjoy precise, real-time insights into their parcel’s journey. Also, FedEx Surround caters not only to commercial businesses but also government organisations who depend on time-sensitive deliveries, such as hospitals and military organisations.

When will FedEx Surround be available?

A definitive date has not been put forward for FedEx Surround’s release, but Microsoft and FedEx have said they will publish further details over Summer and customer access is to be rolled out in the coming months.


myDHLi – An intelligent solution for freight forwarders


Source: The Loadstar

This week, DHL’s division ‘DHL Global Forwarding’ introduced their new online platform known as ‘myDHLi’. This is a digital solution which can be accessed easily via a PC or mobile phone, and could even be considered to be a social networking platform for freight forwarders. This is because shipment management information such as quoting, emissions and tracking can be easily shared via the platform for others to see, and users receive notifications.

Like FedEx Surround, myDHLi also provides users with accurate, real-time shipment data so that they can easily track and manage their parcels.

How is myDHLi innovating logistics?

This intelligent tracking software is based on DHL’s CargoWise transport management system and is a huge upgrade from DHL’s NFE system project which had to be abandoned in 2015. DHL has said the main purpose of the platform is to help businesses to deliver shipments with simplicity, and has commented on how myDHLi has succeeded in doing this – “We are creating not only 360-degrees visibility, but also have laid the foundation for customers to manage their logistics – anytime and anywhere.”

How will myDHLi benefit customers?

The new platform is available for all DHL Global Forwarding customers to use free of charge. DHL has also said that the system is designed to be used by businesses of all sizes and will provide services that many DHL customers have been looking for during the coronavirus crisis, such as online booking services and rate quotations.

When will myDHLi be available?

DHL have not provided a specific date and have said the system will be rolled out gradually to give customers time to adjust. The launch is currently being piloted by select customers in countries across the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. MyDHLi will eventually be implemented across the whole of DHL’s Freight division.


An Exciting time for logistics companies

In this day and age, digitalisation goes hand-in-hand with making shipment processes easier and more accessible for businesses. That is why it is a particularly exciting time for global logistics companies such as FedEx and DHL, who have harnessed digital technology to go one step further in providing first-rate logistics solutions for their customers.


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