Drumroll please! Apart from selling freshly cut tulips, and the famous Gouda cheese, the Netherlands have a new feather in their hat. The long-awaited and fully-functional Amazon Netherlands platform will go live this year – and you can register your business to start selling on there now.

Seems odd to you, does it? You might even ask yourself “… but hasn’t Amazon.nl been online for years?” The answer is yes, but up until this year it didn’t have the same capabilities or the endless selection of products you can find on any other Amazon marketplace. When Amazon.nl first came to fruition in 2014, it capitalised in selling e-Books; however, Amazon’s motive to transform the platform into something bigger has indeed been sort of obvious in recent years, with the fact that they translated many products into Dutch and also made Amazon Prime available to Dutch consumers in 2017.

If you are a seller on Amazon.de, Germany’s Amazon marketplace, it is likely you have already sold to someone living in the Netherlands at some point, as this is the Amazon platform that has been catering to the needs of the Dutch population. However, it was a job only halfway done, whilst there was no complete Amazon.nl platform available. Also, although despite the lack of actual Amazon fulfilment centres located in the Netherlands, products that have been ordered through Amazon Germany have been easily shipped to Dutch customers via a fulfilment centre located in the German town of Duisburg, only 15 miles from the Dutch border.

Existing Netherlands marketplaces in direct competition with Amazon

There are a number of marketplaces which are very popular in the Netherlands which will have to step up their game in order to compete with Amazon’s new Netherlands platform. These are (according to Ecommercenews.eu):

  • Bol.com – turnover: €1.64 billion
  • Coolblue – turnover: €1 billion
  • Zalando – turnover: €550 million
  • MediaMarkt – turnover: €220 million

Why should I consider selling on Amazon.nl?

  • Be the first of many to register, in time for the platform to open fully later this year
  • The Netherlands is one of Europe’s fastest growing E-commerce markets and has a considerable value of €25 billion
  • If already registered with Pan-EU Amazon FBA, it is the logical step to register for the 6th marketplace

How can I start selling on Amazon.nl?

In order to start selling through Amazon.nl, all you need to do is register for an Amazon Seller account on the Dutch extension of Amazon. This can be done through the Amazon Seller Central portal: sellercentral.amazon.nl

Once this has been done, it is a piece of cake: you can then visit the Amazon Services Europe site and click on ‘start selling’. This will take you through the process of registering for a seller account on Amazon.nl.

Have any more questions regarding Amazon Netherlands?

If you are new to Amazon seller central, or indeed in case you have any questions about selling via Amazon Netherlands, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we work with Amazon sellers across the globe and can assist you with any queries you have. Please give us a call today on 0191 3780 287 to speak to one of our advisors. Alternatively, you can write us an email to vatdurham@jpaccountant.com.