E-show Madrid 2019 – A different type of blog story

This is a different kind of article to the ones we normally publish. Madrid’s E-Show was a first for us. We were at the E-Show in order to show our company in an international professional surrounding for the very first time in Spain. Therefore, it was unchartered territory for us as a company. So far we have done trade shows in China, in the United States, but not in Europe. We attended trade-shows worldwide but exhibiting at an international show like the E-Show in Madrid is a different kind of ballgame. Certainly, this networking and business experience more than just a feather on our hat and the opportunity to blow our own horn.

For various reasons, the E-Show Madrid 2019 was on our radar and had attracted us. For one, its topic, E-commerce, is something that lies at the heart of our business. Also because Spain and the Latam market are both appealing and important markets for a bundle of reasons. And, of course, let’s not forget the amazing networking opportunities.


The truth is being an exhibitor in a foreign country incurs often logistic obstacles that one needs to resolve – there are always things to overcome. But once these steps are done, the whole operation is under control due to good planning. Also, allowing for hiccups, human factor and things that can go wrong, you need to be prepared. However, the actual feeling of being there as a company, and more so as an exhibitor in a foreign country, presenting one’s business to so many people at once has got a natural satisfaction factor which is – quite frankly – hard to beat. The energy of a tradeshow is just a thing where components come together: presentations, new trends, new technologies, the exchange of best practices and the buzz.

Facts and Figures

The crowd of visitors was seriously overwhelming at times. It was a fantastically well visited fair. And all visitors had one joint objective, to collect information, to assess the possibilities, to network. Among others, maybe also to find the new Holy Grail of E-commerce, AI as implemented in E-commerce, about which we will run an article in the near future. This again goes to show how important this fair actually is. I won’t bother to recount the stats but in case you are interested, this is the official page and here you can see a breakdown of all related numbers and also a list of all exhibitors.

The outcome

Beyond all high expectations, the contacts were extremely good. Indeed, we had a splendid time talking to people from all walks of life. No matter whether they were sole traders, SME’s, CEO’s of big companies, they all found their way to us. Thus, it was a time to connect, to clarify, to joke. Maybe also to let them in onto the secrets of VAT compliance, which to some still is a book of seven seals. But it doesn’t need to be.

Solutions are at hand

If you feel lost in the jungle of laws and regulations, different VAT percentages, EORI numbers, and also have queries about a blocked account on one of the online marketplaces, then please simply write us an email at vatinfo@jpaccountant.com, call us on +44 191 3780 287 and have a browse through the related sections of our website to answer first questions that might arise.

Saying Thank You

J&P Accountants would like to express their warm and heartfelt thanks to the organizers of this trade show. They did a fantastic job. We would of course like to thank the companies exhibiting and last but not least to all the nice interested trade show visitors we had the pleasure to talk to.

Thank you.  Muchas gracias! 十分感谢! Merci! Mille grazie! Dankeschön!