Get your free E-Show ticket for the E-Show in Madrid today!

J&P Accountants have the pleasure to announce that we will be attending the Madrid E-show as an exhibitor.
Only two and a half weeks away, we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming event.

The E-Show focuses on the subjects that are connected to E-Commerce and Digital Marketing. There are more than 100 exhibitors, as well as presentations by well selected speakers. Beyond that, there are also possibilities of one-to-one’s. Both trade fair and conference, it brings together companies working in the field. However, it is also a platform for the discussion of most recent topics. Interestingly enough, the event is the latest purchase of the London based agency Closer Still Media. They host a very similar event in London’s venue Olympia. Indeed, the last London E-show took place at the end of September. It was a very dense atmosphere but buzzing. That said, as a visitor it definitely felt the right thing to do. Indeed, it was a chance to immerse oneself in the World of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing.

Spain as an emerging market when it comes to E-commerce and Digital Solutions is the ideal platform for a branching out of this really successful event from London. The Madrid show of course existed before but now it brings together companies, entrepreneurs, geeks, and trend jockeys. All in all, a hopefully very invigorating mix of expertise, technology, and a lot of new tendencies on the E-commerce platforms.


Since we work daily with¬† E-Commerce, we focus on the market differently from other companies. It is our daily bread and butter. We know that part of that is to expand our network, keeping abreast with the newest tendencies. And this year’s edition of the E-show is a very attractive way to get a new surge of data input. And it is not just a pretty feather on our hat.

We at J&P Accountants can only say that we kindly invite you to join us at the E-Show. We are at Stand 72 and you can talk to us about all your questions around VAT compliance as well as other taxation issues. Feel free to claim your free E-Show ticket for Madrid today! We would love to see you there! Our competent partners are there to help you with your accounting needs.