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VAT Compliance: UK and EU Countries VAT registration and Returns

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VAT Compliance: UK and EU Countries VAT registration and Returns

EU member

Each EU member state requires non-resident companies to VAT register their business as well as filing returns and being compliant to trade in their country. Some companies may find this difficult if they aren’t familiar with the member state’s VAT registration process and regulations. Each country has its own threshold limit, VAT regulations and VAT rates which have been set by the countries tax authorities.


We can help to register VAT and also with filing returns and VAT compliance. We know that every business is different with different needs and we pride ourselves on being flexible and helping clients with all of their accounting needs.

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We work efficiently and flexibly to suit every company’s needs and we always strive to deliver the best service possible.


If you require help registering your business overseas or if you would like more information about our service, please fill out the contact form below so that a dedicated member of staff can get in touch with you.

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